alter-cation: Sending you lots of hugs bobuchan. Winter's fucking terrible. 


im afraid my online friends are gonna meet me in person and be like “oh”

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Grant’s Function, Tap(), leeches a target just like the Spine leeched the Body; Asher’s function, Void(), cripples a target just like the Body did to the Spine.

Grant has a primarily red colour scheme just like the Spine; Asher has a primarily white colour scheme just like the Body.

When the Spine is destroyed the Body is left vulnerable; when Grant dies Asher is left vulnerable.

Asher and the Body both die of broken hearts.

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Anonymous: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I hate to ask but if you really are doing requests, is it possible we could see a Minkuri drawing? (Mink x Clear) Your Clears are so fucking cute and your Mink's are so grand. I really just want to see them holding hands, sharing a kiss, talking to each other, anything. Of course only if you want to! I don't want to sound like I'm pushing anything on you. 


They’re playing doctor. with a potato. I’m sorry.


i had this one sitting on my desk for some weeks because schoolwork was brutal but now that i’m on vacations i decided to finish it ahahah„;;;;

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do you ever see a character that’s worshipped by a fandom and go “you’re not that great”

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One of these things is not like the other, one of these things isn’t quite right…

"wow i just realized that people aren’t going to be paying attention to the lack of blood on morrigan as oppose to people in their loincloth"-[4:56:15 AM] Bob-Chan


Reblogging your friends art like


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