Finally. I’m home.

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for whatever reason i never noticed that dorian fell in the ‘enemy of thedas’ trailer. and now that i have noticed i can’t stop laughing 

He doesn’t just fall.

He falls off the goddamned platform.


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Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along

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Princess carry emoticon.
Apparently missed many things.
First encounter of Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. is on September 30, according to some japanese fans on twitter. Anyone knows how they know?
twitter hashtag #fi_tb
Source of the OTP pic: https://twitter.com/crimsonbox0420/status/516935940153937920


so I started playing Dishonored—tried to sleeper hold a guard and got kicked in the balls, some weird guy visited my dreams and gave me a heart, and my hands are huge.

10/10 gonna keep playing.

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it’s a bind, you know

when people complain about representation they say “well, make it yourself”

but then when queer people only play queer roles and when jews write about jews and when black people make parts for other black people etc people ask “so are you ever going to step out of that niche? when are you going to make stuff for everybody?”

"Everybody" meaning heterosexual, able-bodied white males.

As Alison Bechdel said when people asked her if she had considered making comics for a mainstream audience: “Gee, I thought I was.”

also if people are ONLY responsible for representing/providing representation for people exactly like them, what you get is….the media problems we already have, where people with power only produce narratives that favor and portray them. 

This is not to say that minorities/oppressed people are responsible for representing “everybody” (read: privileged people) if they want to stick to dealing exclusively with minority topics. I’m saying that privileged people should be obliged to learn the empathy and political awareness to supportively depict people who aren’t exactly like them (read: privileged). 

Yes, this means that (privileged) people will sometimes try to represent others and will make a bigoted hash of it, or problematically benefit from depicting others. (Example: a privileged person telling a story about oppressed people and making lots of money off it because his audience is desperate for representation) But I think it might be better to try and fail and be called out than to let our media continue in the racist, male-dominated, cissupremacist, heterocentric way it currently is. 

Also that’s still saying that oppressed people are responsible for fixing oppression, which is both gross (because putting the responsibility on the victim as well as subtly victim blaming by saying ‘it’s your fault because you haven’t fixed it yet’), and never going to be enough. Oppressed people can carve out our little corners to live and care for each other in, and that’s super important and valuable, but in society at large, it’s the privileged people who are *creating* the oppression, and if they don’t work against it or at least stop perpetuating it, it’s going to still be there. 

Also this completely ignores representation among *creators*. ‘Make it yourself’ only has a chance of working if the people who do then get the opportunities they need to get their work out there, and very often they don’t, because that’s also a privilege thing.

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That moment when you realize that - according to the official timeline - due to his months of traveling around the Isles searching for a cure, Corvo missed celebrating both his last Fugue Feast with Jessamine and her final birthday.

You shut the fuck up and take that somewhere else.

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Saw my first centipede today and thank goodness my room mate’s cat saved me.