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vivienne!! wasn’t sure which to go with so theres both

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I did it. 

I reached the bottom of the Zevran Arainai Tag


Commission for genginger

Zevran, you are hard to draw.

xellychan040: You’re it! rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful! (only if you want tho) 


Master Assassin Zevran for stormdragon! ovo

I also have a Flemeth sketched for you but I’m really tired so I’ll work on her later! xwx

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Cute little Zervran :D


there we go!


something doesn’t seem right with it..

oh wait, i know


there! much better.


A set of Zevran’s questionable adventures. 

Oh look; suddenly a crack pairing! God I have forgotten how much I love to draw completely inappropriate pairings just for the sake of them. (Like someone wisely said “Everything here is shippable. Even I’m shippable; But that dear children is self insertion, and is in fact frown upon in most fandoms.”)

Kate Beaton’s original strip


I was playing Dragon Age: Origins today and I just happened to capture this lovely shot of Zevran McPoutyface.

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